Way-2-Fast x 2

Welcome to DCRaction.com, home of the best diecast racing action on the web. For years thousands of cars have been competing in an underground racing league known as the DCRL, and now this site is making it possible for the world to see. Click on the VIDEO to the left to check out a preview of some racing action. Also look for DIECASTRACERX on YouTube.com for more videos.

The Monster Mash

Congratulations to Nick Deavers and the ND Racing team for their Championship performance in the 2017 Monster Mash tournament on the Northshore Hills Road Course. This Johnny Lightning Studebaker was the last car standing out of the 16 that entered this 4 round head-to-head event. Special thanks to all who participated!!

Champions Stage

The Champions Stage of the 2017 East Ridge Open is this week! A competition between the 8 group winners on this track throughout the season. Click on the RACES button at the top of the page to watch a video of the latest racing action from this event! And be sure to tune in Sunday night to see who wins it all!

Fantasy League