Skyline Challenge Roster

Welcome to, home of the best diecast racing action on the web. For years thousands of cars have been competing in an underground racing league known as the DCRL, and now this site is making it possible for the world to see. Click on the VIDEO to the left to check out a preview of some racing action. Also look for DIECASTRACERX on for more videos.

4th of July - Champion!

For the second year in a row the modified 1970 Chevelle SS from K + O Racing team was the winner of the 4th of July Drag Races. As the only car to crack into the 1.93sec range, it showed everyone it is still the car to beat on the DCR drag strip. Click on the RACES button at the top of the page to catch up on all the action from the 4th of July!

Skyline Challenge Pt.3

The third Skyline match-up of the week on the Challenge Course is tonight between the black and red 2000GT-X and the silver R34. Two different styles and designs, which one will roll away with the win? Click on the RACES button at the top of the page to watch these two in action and find out who wins!

Fantasy League