Cobra vs. Monza...

Welcome to, home of the best diecast racing action on the web. For years thousands of cars have been competing in an underground racing league known as the DCRL, and now this site is making it possible for the world to see. Click on the VIDEO to the left to check out a preview of some racing action. Also look for DIECASTRACERX on for more videos.

The 2016 Monster Mash!

Coming in October is The 2016 DCR Monster Mash! This year the annual Halloween tournament will be held on the road course, limited to all stock models, and for the first time ever it will be opened up to the public! Track passes will go on sale at the beginning of September, so stay tuned to this website and our YouTube channel for all the details!

Northshore Hills - G8

This week we are back to the NSH Road Course for the final group of the 2016 tournament being held there. Over the next seven days we will see 8 racers competing in a three round elimination stage. The last one standing at the end of round 3 will earn a spot in the Champions Stage. Check out the RACES page to get caught up on all the action!

DCR Fantasy League

For 45 weeks throughout the year racers from around the world compete in something called the DCR Fantasy League. In this tournament players pick which car they think is going to win each DCRL event and earn points based on how their car performs. To enter your team into the league contact diecastracerx on YouTube and request to join!

The 2015 Champ!

Congratulations to FadeToBlack982 for winning the 2015 DCR Fantasy League Championship! This is actually the second time in three years that the DCR Trophy is going home with this racing team. With 154 total points earned FadeToBlack clinched the title one week before the end. Truly a dominate performance from a premier die-cast racer!

Fantasy League