Cobra vs. Monza...

Welcome to, home of the best diecast racing action on the web. For years thousands of cars have been competing in an underground racing league known as the DCRL, and now this site is making it possible for the world to see. Click on the VIDEO to the left to check out a preview of some racing action. Also look for DIECASTRACERX on for more videos.

4th of July Drag Races

The 4th of July Drag Race is the next mail-in tournament coming up in 2017. This quarter-mile event is open to modified-production cars from USA manufacturers only. Last year the K and O Racing team from Oregon USA took home the Christmas Tree trophy with his blue 1970 Chevelle SS. Who will be the one to win it all in 2017? Enter you team today!

MRC - Group 4

This week we are at the famous DCR Mountain Rally Course for Group 4 of the 2017 Championship. Over the season 64 cars total will be competing in this event, this week we get to see 8 of them fight for a spot in the Champions Stage. Click on the RACES button to catch up on all the latest die-cast racing action!

1/4 Mile Countdown - 1

Number 1 on our Quarter Mile Countdown is this 230 modified Chevy Suburban sent in by the FOTF Racing team to compete in the 2016 Quarter-Mile Time Trials. Its performance of three 1.926sec runs and a 1.923 was not only incredibly consistent, but also extremely fast. Thanks to FOTF Racing for sending it in, we will see how long its record stands.

Kordarian - 2016 Champ!

Congratulations to Kordarian for winning the 2016 DCR Fantasy League Championship! Even after missing the first 10 weeks of the season, Kordarian was able to pull of a victory by the end of the year with 130 points. It was a close battle between the top 5, but only one walked away with the title of Champion and the DCR Fantasy League Trophy!

Fantasy League