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Welcome to DCRaction.com, home of the best diecast racing action on the web. For years thousands of cars have been competing in an underground racing league known as the DCRL, and now this site is making it possible for the world to see. Click on the VIDEO to the left to check out a preview of some racing action. Also look for DIECASTRACERX on YouTube.com for more videos.

9 Mail-In Events!

Here is a quick list of the 9 Mail-In Tournaments we will be running in 2018: 1.Funny Car Championship 2.The NSH Rally 3.DCR Challenge 4.The July 4th Drags 5.The Summer Drags (stock) 6.East Ridge Mod-Challenge 7.The Monster Mash 8. Winter Drag Races (mod) 9.The Winter Rally

Coming in 2018!

2018 is going to be an exciting! This year will be a little different than the past. We have some new events planned, including some new Mail-In tournaments for those of you that want to send in a car of your own. We will not be running the year long Time Trials like before, instead all the events will be 1 week events, with a winner at the end.

Fantasy League Champion!

With another first place finish at the end of 2017, FadeToBlack982 has won a third DCR Fantasy League Championship! It was close right up until the last race of the year, Junior Ranklin had a lead going in and picked the Ferrari GTO, Fade picked the Long Gone semi-truck which won the race and put him in the lead by 3 for the final standings.

1/4 Mile - Champions!

Looks like the FOTF Racing team swept the 1/4 Mile TT events for the 2017 season. His returning champion suburban, Marlin, set a new record of 1.910sec and defended its title against a fast F150 from Red Pill Racing. And in the stock class it was a 195g Matchbox Tour Bus that ran a1.943 overtaking the fast Studebaker Truck from ND Racing.

Fantasy League